Graduating Dual Credit Students

4 Steps to Continue Your ACC Enrollment

  1. Submit a residency form to provide your Texas residency status and your home address. If your address has changed, additional residency documents may be needed before you can re-enroll.
  2. Submit meningitis immunization records or a waiver.
  3. Send a final high school transcript. You can request your transcripts now and have them sent to ACC after you graduate.
  4. Meet with an area of study advisor to discuss your educational and career goals, and plan your classes. Our online advisors are ready to assist, no appointment is needed. 

Apply for Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial aid can help you pay for your tuition, books, and living expenses. Financial aid includes grants and scholarships that you don’t repay, work-study program part-time employment, and loans that you repay. To see how financial aid can support you: 

Do you, your family, or your mentor have questions about how financial aid and scholarships work? We’re happy to answer your questions in person or online

Student Support

As an ACC student, you have access to all the free support and services we offer. Our caring faculty and staff are ready to support you every step of the way, from tutors and academic coaches to advisors and career and transfer specialists. Learn more at

Planning to attend another college or university? Be sure to request that ACC sends your college transcripts to your next school. See transcript request instructions.

Additional Information

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