Academic Success Liaisons

High School Programs Academic Success staff are responsible for advising all high school students enrolled in ACC courses, monitoring their success, and providing academic coaching. They serve as students’ main support once they are enrolled in ACC programs.

Staff also assist students:

  • struggling with college coursework or experiencing other personal or behavioral issues that may interfere with success in college.
  • assist graduating high school seniors with completion of an ACC credential or transition to ACC or university after high school graduation.

High School Programs, Academic Success

Contact Region Email Phone Title
Yvette Flores 512-223-7057 Administrative Assistant
Melissa Biegert, Ph.D.  512-223-7057 Director, HS Programs
Academic Success
Devon Miller North 512-223-9465 Manager
Porsha Hodge North 512-223-0447 Coordinator
Makeisha Muwana North 512-223-2591 Coordinator
Vanessa Pérez North 512-223-4230 Coordinator
Vacant North Coordinator
Shaunyale Canada  South 512-223-5149 Manager
Christopher O’Donnell South  512-223-7463 Coordinator
Samantha Diwa South 512-223-3424 Coordinator
Tikki Watson Harris South Coordinator
Katie Poe South 512-223-9341 Coordinator

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