Dual Credit Costs

Tuition and Fee Waivers

ACC will waive tuition & fees eligible courses per student to up to 60 credit hours for those residing within the ACC Service Area.

  • The dual credit tuition & fees waiver can only be applied to eligible college credit courses that are a part of the ACC core curriculum, a workforce course leading to a certificate or associate of applied science degree, and foreign language courses. All other ACC courses will be assessed regular tuition.

Breaking Down Your Savings

The average cost of a 3-hour college course at any public postsecondary institution is $1,336. Taking dual credit classes in high school prevents you and your student from paying consistently rising costs on tuition for core curriculum and workforce classes, for free or at an extremely reduced cost. See the costs and savings breakdown below to see how ACC’s tuition is calculated and comparing it to other colleges’ in Texas

Austin Community College Tuition Table

Unit In-District Out-of-District Out-of-State
Per credit hour $85 $286 $353
Per class (3 credits) $255 $858 $1,059
Per semester | half-time(2 classes/6 credits) $510 $1,716 $2,118
Per semester | full-time(4 classes/12 credits) $1,020 $3,432 $4,236
2021-2022 ACC Tuition Table

See What You’re Saving on a Full Semester’s Tuition and Fees

School Cost
Austin Community College $2,550
University of Texas – Austin $10,858
Texas A&M University $11,642
Texas State University $11,860
Private Universities Average $19,636
Source: collegeforalltexans.com

Purchasing Textbooks

You are responsible for purchasing textbooks and supplies required for your Austin Community College courses. Books and supplies are available from the ACC Bookstores, as well as other retailers.

Note: Digital books may be attached to courses resulting in a book fee. As a friendly reminder, always check your balance after registration.

Required texts may be found at the ACC Bookstore on the campus at which the course is being offered. Distance Learning textbooks are available at the campus bookstore where the orientation is held. Generally, the ACC libraries do not have textbooks available for checkout or loan.

Parking Permits

You will need to purchase a permit if you intend to park on an ACC campus while attending class. Visit the Parking and Transportation site for complete information.

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