FAST Program

This important message relates to the Financial Aid for Swift Transfer (FAST) Program, passed during the 88th legislative session under House Bill (HB) 8, and how it can positively impact your college experience as a current or prospective dual credit student!

“Eligible students” under the FAST program are defined by three requirements: (1) they are enrolled in an eligible dual credit course at a public school district or charter school, and (2) were qualified for free/reduced-price lunch in any of the four school years before enrolling in the dual credit course. Eligible courses include those on the ACC Core Curriculum, a Workforce Certificate/Degree, and foreign languages (including American Sign Language) and (3) Verified Financial Status by The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, which will be provided to ACC on a regular basis. 

How does this positively impact you? The FAST program requires that eligible students at participating institutions incur no cost (free of charge) for their dual credit coursework. You will not pay tuition and fees for eligible dual credit courses as an eligible student. Books, supplies, and other course materials required for your eligible dual credit courses. While no cost will directly come out of your pocket, ACC has established a voucher program with the ACC Bookstore for you to obtain your required book or supplies before the first day of class. Once you have registered for your class(es), please wait 24-48 hours and then proceed to an ACC Bookstore to obtain your required textbooks and materials/supplies. You must have a photo ID and your ACC class schedule printout.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected] or 512-223-7066. Please always include your ACC student ID number (if applicable) when emailing or calling us to assist you better.

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